Journalism on Twitter

“‘Everyone on Twitter is talking about it’ is not the same as everyone talking about it” by Devon Maloney, The Guardian (Jan. 12, 2016).

This article discusses the ethics behind embedding unprotected tweets in news articles without the permission or knowledge of the Twitter user. It asks the question, “just because journalists can exercise that power, does that mean [they] ought to?”

The article cites the story of Aziah “Zola” King, a sex worker who shared a story of a falling-out between her and another woman, Jessica, on Twitter. The media picked up the 150+ tweets and began to embed them in their stories, using clickbait headlines (“Stop What You’re Doing and Read This Twitter Story Right Now”). While King didn’t mind the publicity, Jessica did, and it sparked a debate over embedding as an intellectual property issue.

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An MCOM 257 Introduction

Hi everyone! 14046037_1457809367584738_1285346629116446332_n

My name is Sarah Rowan. Welcome to the blog portion of my website, which I’ll be using throughout my MCOM 257 and 258 classes for the remainder of the semester. I made this website about two months ago in order to create an online portfolio to present to future internship opportunities and employers.

A little bit about me: I am currently a sophomore in Towson University’s Honors College. I am a mass communications major with an emphasis in journalism and new media, and a Spanish minor. I’ve been living on campus in Douglass House since my freshman year.

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